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Construction & Real Estate

Do you own a property or are you investing in a property? Do you have buildings on your property or are you planning to put buildings on it? Maybe you own a gold mine or a property with other natural resources? Our experienced and well-reputed lawyers have the answers to all your legal questions. We provide legal advice in matters such as structural issues, real estate development, joint ventures, construction projects, environmental issues, land parceling, detail planning, building permits and infringement issues, and disputes relating to real estate and construction.

Who to call: Racine AshjariAnders Bengtsson | Natalie Bretz | Andréa Dahrén | Charlotta Wallman Hörlin

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Corporate & Commercial

If you let us at Morris Law help you with contractual or other legal concerns, you can fully focus on your core business. Morris Law aim to simplify the legal process and provide affordable commercial law without stretching the high quality that we stand for. Our legal expertise includes reviewing, drafting and negotiating all types of commercial agreements. We know both national and international contract law, the purchase of goods, standard market agreements, industry sector-specific agreements and issues regarding different forms of distribution. Examples of matters that we deal with on a regular basis are: agency agreements, retail agreements, development agreements and purchase agreements.

Who to call: Racine Ashjari | Olof Myhrman | Johan Wilkens | Caroline Ygge

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Corporate Compliance & Internal Investigations

Our “CCI” practice group advises on all aspects of regulatory compliance, such as regulatory management of board of directors and managing directors, fraud, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering, trade sanctions and export control issues. Further, we offer corporate internal investigations for owners, boards of directors or management. Our advice aims to minimize reputational damage and the risk of an adverse regulatory finding.

Who to call: Olof Myhrman | Johan Wilkens

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Dispute Resolution

Suits. Lawsuits. Arbitration. Mediations. Courtrooms. Judges. Speechless? Seriously, don’t be. We know our commercial litigation matters. Just tell us your budget and goals and we will help you to make the best out of it. Naturally we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. We have successfully represented clients in all kinds of disputes, in every shape and size. Commercial contract disputes, corporate disputes, landlord and tenant matters, breaches of warranty, insurance coverage, investor and owner disputes and application of non-competition agreements. Disputes are a territory with an endless history and we know every inch of it.

Who to call: Anders Bengtsson | Johan WilkensJonas Toll

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Employment & Pensions

Do you have employees or work as a human resources manager? Do you know how to draft a solid employment contract? How to act in a redundancy situation or how to handle the Work Environment Authority? Maybe you have questions regarding pensions? We have done it all before and approach every situation with care, empathy and integrity.

Who to call: Roger Wier | Martin Vildhede


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Equity Capital Markets

Are you planning to make a public offering? Look into a merger? Investigate new share issues? Will you be initiating an IPO or do you simply need advice on how to respond on a bid? Maybe you need guidance on corporate governance issues or on information issues? This is exciting areas! We have the right experience and we are happy to guide you through the regulatory framework and provide you with valuable tips strategic and structural issues.

Who to call: Racine Ashjari

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Morris Law’s Insurance practice group has the capability to handle assignments within the full spectrum of insurance law. Furthermore our interdisciplinary structure enables us to gain support from specialists within other practice groups, such as Employment and Pensions and Mergers & acquisitions for the benefit of our clients.

Who to call: Jörgen Sköld

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Intellectual Property, Marketing & Media

Knowledge and information are becoming critical assets in nearly all business transactions and the best manager of these resources is likely to come out as the winner. Intellectual property rights have always been at the core of the Swedish economy; locally as well as globally. In a more and more competitive environment we are required to broaden our view to incorporate more perspectives on innovation where look, feel and customer interaction is sometimes becoming as important as the patentable invention. As a close partner, we advise our clients in every aspect of the IP life cycle: from strategies to identify and protect IP in your ideas via enforcement and portfolio management to acquisition and licensing of strategic assets. Joining forces with our expertise on Market law, Trade & Customs, Dispute Resolution and M&A we can ensure that your intellectual property rights are strengthened in any legal transaction. With particular experience in the life sciences, fashion and automotive industries, our team will provide you with clear and transparent advice in an understandable language, useful in your business from day one.

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Who to call: Caroline Ygge

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Congratulations! Did you find the right target to grow your business through or other synergies that motivates an acquisition, a merger or some other strategic arrangement? Or perhaps you worked your tail off and now you are getting paid to prove it. These types of transactions come with all kinds of considerations, like deciding on how to structure the acquisition, asset sale or merger, plus the consideration of warranties, insurance arrangements, escrows and/or earn-outs. Regardless of if you’re the buyer or the seller, we will work with you to create a clear roadmap, keep you one step ahead and give you the comfort you need. We will advise you from the Letter of Intent to the final payment(s). No matter the complexity we will do our outmost in order to alleviate your stress and make things go surprisingly smoothly. We can also assist you in all matters concerning Swedish corporate law, such as corporate formations, related to the rights of shareholders, the liability of the board of directors or the managing director, drafting of shareholders’ agreements and joint venture agreements. Regardless of the matter Morris Law will give you legal insights that puts you on top of things and enables you to spend your hard earned capital where it counts the most.

Who to call: Racine Ashjari | Per Granström| Olof Myhrman | Johan Wilkens

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Public Procurement

Public procurement may at first be perceived as quite complex and difficult to participate in or to carry out. If you not are properly prepared this statement might be true. With the right knowledge and guidance public procurement is the opposite of difficult, it´s a synonym for opportunities! If you are searching for opportunities, let us be your guide. Our team of excellent lawyers will assist you in all matters concerning, among other things, day-to-day advice regarding public contracts issues, advice on procedures for awarding public contracts, review and preparation of tenders and invitation of tenders, assistance in evaluating tenders submitted, analysis of and advice on compliance with public procurement regulations, assistance in claims for damages and advice on confidentiality issues.

Who to call: Roger Wier | Linda Dahlström Martin Vildhede

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More or less all transactions will have a tax consequence. For instance, there are numerous details that need to be considered if you plan to sell or buy a company. Or expanding your business abroad. At Morris Law, we have the expertise and experience to assist you or your company navigating in the somewhat complicated jungle of tax legislation. We work with companies of all sizes as well as individuals. Common engagements are tax structuring related to mergers and acquisition, planning for the new generation in a closely held company or assisting when you’ve decided to move to another country. We try to look beyond the pure tax aspect of the situation but also consider the effects of your business or social life.

Who to call: Robert Starck

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Trade & Customs

Are you a part of the global trading community? Minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities by working with us. We provide expertise in in all questions regarding export and import controls, tariff and non-tariff based trade barriers, rules of origin, customs classification and valuations, food and product safety, packaging and labeling, transportation, storage, insurance and freight agreements.

Who to call: Jörgen Sköld

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