Pär Svensson

Business developer & Marketing manager

Phone: +46 10 722 36 41
Mobile: +46 708 23 73 00
E-mail: par.svensson@morrislaw.se


Beekeeping, wood splitting, business development and marketing

Life before Morris

Since I started working, I have worked with sales and marketing. In the beginning with pure sales and later with a hefty dose of communication, design and brand building in the mix.
In my last eleven years service at Stylt Trampoli, where I worked with projects of great complexity within the experience economy, this was especially present. To succeed in creating a public success it was good to know where to go for business- and brand strategy, design management and marketing communication.

Something you should know

This is really not something I usually talk so much about, but since my CEO more or less forced me to (how he got to know this is shrouded in mystery), I got skills in boxing. Yes, yes it was some years ago but then, in 1982, I won the Swedish Championships. I still hit that mits with a bang (if they’re not too close, then I can’t see them anymore).